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Search engine optimisation. What does that even mean?
It has become a buzz word in the digital marketing space and it is regularly thrown around without a clear outline of results.

Instead of asking for a few thousand bucks per month for general SEO… we prefer to set achievable milestones and affordable prices to deliver results.

At Web Leads. The term ‘results’ usually refers to an increase in revenue or at least and increase in the number of new leads coming into your business. 

Our secret weapon in the SEO world is not website ranking. It is actually GMB “Google My Business” ranking. We recommend businesses focus on this type of SEO first because of this one mind boggling statistic.

52% of search traffic choose one of the 3 businesses in the Google Maps Pack. Not is this attention disproportionate, but ranking in the “Map Pack” is faster and more affordable than website ranking.

Our Strategy



Our initial step is to evaluate your website’s framework, page count, indexation patterns, and link collection. We then delve into a comprehensive analysis of the competitive environment that influences your industry on the web. We leave no detail overlooked and thoroughly research what your competitors are doing. We compare your website’s profile and performance to that of your competition.



Based on our evaluation, we craft a strategy that takes advantage of your competitors’ vulnerabilities and outlines a plan to first close the gap and then surpass them. This involves a variety of tactics, such as acquiring their backlinks and identifying their most profitable keywords. We always go the extra mile, which sets us apart from 95% of other SEO firms.



As the saying goes, “a vision without implementation is just an illusion.” So we quickly put our plan into action and execute our innovative SEO strategy. We invest the necessary time and effort to deliver beyond your expectations. Our client feedback is a testimony to the results we’ve been able to achieve time and time again. Get in touch below to reach your market like never before.

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